EPSON Copy Utility

EPSON Copy Utility 3.3.0

Copying is now possible if we have an EPSON all-in-one machine
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With EPSON Copy Utility tool we add more features to our Epson all-in-one device. It is an useful utility if we need to make a copy and have not got a photocopier around. It has been developed to allow us to use our printer and scanner so they work together as a copy machine. EPSON Copy Utility is an application we can download for free from the Epson website. Downloading and installing is quite easy and so it is the user´s interface. It automatically sets up in our Epson folder and detects our Epson devices. After opening the EPSON Copy Utility Dialog Box we can see several settings for making the necessary adjustment to the document and previewing it before printing it. It allows us to choose the printer and scanner, source paper, output paper, paper settings for copy size, text enhancement, color adjustment (contrast and brightness), number of copies (up to 20 copies of any text document, photo, positive film or negative film). By pressing the Preview/Custom option we can reduce or enlarge the copy and also select the copy area and orientation.

Review summary


  • Quick copies,Friendy GUI, Smart User´s Guide,
  • Useful for occasional use


  • Cost/quality relationship is not very good - Copies are quite expensive compared with a photocopier
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